Relief Staff

Relief workers help clients with disabilities lead fulfilling lives. Work takes place in their homes and communities. Activities may include: Helping clients at home, going to the beach, grabbing a bite to eat, shopping at the mall, going to the park, going for walks, spending time in the library, taking swimming classes, going to Boomers, attending dance parties, etc. Get paid to have fun! 

$12.25 per hour - overnight hours minimum wage. 

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Resource Counselor - Independent Living / Supported Employment / Day Your Way

Community Interface Services is hiring enthusiastic, creative, organized staff to provide top notch community based services for adults with developmental disabilities. Work one on one with people needing support in areas specific to the individual. Support clients in a variety of settings; their workplace, volunteer sites, social activities, sporting events, college classes, out in their community, or at their home.

Pay ranges from $14.25-$16.25/hour and mileage driven during work hours is reimbursed at 58 cents/mile. Full time positions with excellent benefits and extensive paid training are available immediately in several areas across San Diego County.

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Resource Counselor - Community Integration Training

Community Interface Services is looking for an organized and supportive staff person to coach a small group of people with developmental disabilities to become fully involved in the community. Full time meaningful careers available immediately, with extensive paid training.

Pay rate is $14.25-$16.25/hour and additional compensation of $300+/month for transportation reimbursementt provided as well. Monday through Friday set daytime schedule, no nights or weekends.

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Roommate Position - Sarah

Sarah is a kind, practicing Christian lady in her 40’s seeking a paid roommate to assist her to live in her own home. She is looking for support with general safety, household tasks, health needs and community integration. Sarah has a small dog and does require assistance in caring for it.  Her goal is to find an apartment to share in the Santee/ Lakeside/ El Cajon region.  

Earn approx. $2500/month (shared rent approx. $750/month) 

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Roommate Position - Corey H.

Corey is friendly young man with physical and emotional health needs, who will be moving out of his parents’ home for the first time and is excited to set up a new apartment. He has a seizure disorder which is controlled with medications. He has a therapy cat, enjoys video games, going out to eat and socializing with friends. His goal is to find an apartment to share in the Escondido region.  

Pay is approx. $2550 - $3000 per month (maybe more with IHSS)  

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Roommate Position - Kaleigh

Kaleigh is an active college student who will moving out of her parents’ home for the first time. She is looking for support with basic home maintenance, follow through with basic health appointments, budgeting and problem solving. Kaleigh has a cat which she cares for independently. Her goal is to find an apartment to share in the Mira Mesa/Rancho Penasquitos region.  

Earn approx. $2500/month (shared rent approx. $850/month) 

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