Career Opportunities at Community Interface Services

Paid Roommate Positions

Our paid Roommate positions entail living with and providing companionship and direct support for an individual(s) with a developmental disability. The position allows you to work at home and is perfect for students, couples, or those wanting a second income. The hours typically include afternoons, evenings, overnights, and weekends. Support services provided by the paid roommate in the home and community may include assistance in budgeting, correspondence, meal preparation, shopping, accessing medical and dental care, household upkeep; and personal care such as bathing, eating, and other activities of daily living. Work hours vary depending on the amount of support an individual needs. Living expenses such as rent and utilities are shared.

The preferred qualifications for our Roommate positions are a High School diploma or GED, and relevant experience. Earn approximately $1,800 - $3200 a month with an excellent benefit package while working from your home. 

I'm Interested. What do I do next?

1.) Apply in person at 2621 Roosevelt Street in Carlsbad. A map to CIS is available at this link.


2.) Complete and application online HERE, and fax it to us at 760-729-8526