Self Determination services empower clients to have direct control over an individualized budget for their supports and services; build and control their own lives; and determine what services they desire and who they want to provide those services. Self Determination Financial Management Services provided by Community Interface include Co-Employer, Fiscal/Employer Agent (Employer of Record), and Bill Payer services.

Through the Co-Employer service, Community Interface Services and the client/family member are co-employers of the client’s support workers.  The client/family member assumes responsibility for recruitment, day- to-day supervision, and work scheduling while Community Interface Services assumes employer of record responsibilities to include screening and processing new employees, collection of time sheets, disbursement of payroll checks, paying payroll tax deposits including unemployment insurance, filing payroll tax returns and reports, and providing for workers’ compensation insurance coverage. 

The Fiscal/Employer Agent service supports the client to be the sole employer of his/her support workers while Community Interface performs limited payroll and tax functions. 

In the Bill Payer service, Community Interface supports the client to write checks to pay bills for goods and services outlined in the client’s plan and funded in their budget.

Self Determination Services are currently only available to a limited number of remaining project participants from a pilot of the program, but are slated to become more widely available in California over the next few years.

An informational video to raise statewide awareness of the Self-Determination Program. It features consumers and families expressing satisfaction with their experiences in the Self-Determination Pilot Project. Viewers will hear factual information about the opportunities and responsibilities, and encourage families and consumers to learn more through informational meetings hosted by the regional centers.


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"I love doing business with Community Interface Services! Being a parent vendor is not easy. Community Interface Services has been assisting me since 2007 with my son's day program and this year with starting his supported living services. The most obvious point is that staff at CIS is extremely nice to work with. Every issue is addressed patiently and with an open mind toward each situation. I feel doing business at CIS is an excellent value. I wouldn't think about going anywhere else. "

- parent