Tailored Day Services, known as Day Your Way, offer flexible 1:1 support services catered to your needs. Support staff can assist you with your goals in post-secondary education, paid employment, volunteer opportunities, and community integration activities. Other support areas may include, but are not limited to: health/exercise, community safety, self-care, self-advocacy, social skills/ communication, budgeting/money management, resume development, employment or retirement readiness skills, micro-enterprise/business startup, mobility training and transportation when public transportation is not an option. Our program provides services up to 8 hours per week/35 hours per month. The schedule is flexible and tailored to your needs; you will develop a schedule of services with your staff person.

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 What other people are saying...

"I love doing business with Community Interface Services! Being a parent vendor is not easy. Community Interface Services has been assisting me since 2007 with my son's day program and this year with starting his supported living services. The most obvious point is that staff at CIS is extremely nice to work with. Every issue is addressed patiently and with an open mind toward each situation. I feel doing business at CIS is an excellent value. I wouldn't think about going anywhere else. "

- parent