Home Ownership

For many people, home ownership is a major life goal.

Through the Community Housing Partnership, we seek to increase opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to purchase their own homes.

Our housing specialists collaborate with local lenders, credit counselors, realtors, and housing agencies to help:

  • Raise and distribute funds to assist with down payments and closing costs for qualified individuals.
  • Work with legal experts to resolve benefits and trust issues pertaining to homeownership.    
  • Work with clients, family members, and service providers to explore and pursue homeownership as an option.

The Community Housing Partnership's role is to assist individuals and families that are receiving services through San Diego Regional Center and are interested in pursuing homeownership. Specific services provided depend on the individual's wants or needs and available funding. The Community Housing Partnership is not a mortgage lender or realtor. Instead, Community Housing Partnership links individuals with the resources in the community that they need to become homeowners.

With the right combination of preparation, support and hard work, it is possible to plan for and one day own your own home.

If you are interested in learning more about homeownership, we invite you come to the next Homeownership Coalition of San Diego County Meeting. Meetings take place in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Contact Necole Vano at 760-729-3866 for more information about location and time.