3  Programs

Community Integration Training is a community-based, day program that includes vocational training and a variety of community activities. The program also offers flexibility to those with significant personal care, stamina, or behavioral needs.

Supported Employment provides job placement and coaching for our clients, and support and education as requested for employers and co-workers.  We offer individual and group employment opportunities with careful oversight from our qualified staff.

Tailored Day Services, also known as Day Your Way, provides each client with the opportunity to create and participate in an individualized day program tailored to his/her unique interests and needs.  Day Your Way services are 100% community-based, providing clients with quality, individualized, 1:1 support in natural environments.

What people are saying...

It feels good to make a difference in the client’s lives and in the community at large.
— CIS Volunteer
What makes a day great is when a consumer achieves something, gets closer to being independent and not needing me anymore.
— CIS Staff Member