Social Security Representative Payee Program

Community Interface Services offers Social Security approved Representative Payee services to Regional Center clients at no cost to the client.

Who We Are:


·      A known & trusted local service provider with a reputation for excellence

·      Over 30 years experience providing community living, employment and financial management services to San Diego Regional        Center (SDRC) clients

·      Person centered, customer focused and responsive

·      Approved Organizational Representative Payee for the Social Security Administration

·      Proficient in SSA/SSI/MediCal regulations

·      Bilingual English/Spanish services available; other languages may be available upon request

·      Bonded & Insured

How We Help:

·      Help clients maintain stable and integrated lives

·      Work collaboratively with clients, service coordinators, and other service providers to meet individual client needs

·      Ensure individual funds are used for the benefit of, and in the best interest of, the client

·      Relieve family members and SDRC service coordinators from cumbersome payee responsibilities

·      Provide diligent fiscal monitoring and transparent reporting

·      Assist with navigating complex and critical processes with the Social Security Administration

·      Help protect client from financial exploitation


Money Management Services:

·      Working with you and your planning team, help you develop an individual monthly budget and payment plan to assist you in maintaining your desired living situation.

·      Receive your monthly benefit check on your behalf and pay your expenses and provide you with your personal spending money according to your individualized plan.

·      Assist you with your regular expenses such as rent and utilities as well as with one-time special purchases such as furniture, travel, or emergencies.

·      Flexible payment schedules and options can be tailored to fit your needs; emergencies are accommodated as soon as administratively feasible.

·      Any money you don’t spend is saved for you in a trust account to assist with any future needs you may have.

·      You can check on your account activity any time during business hours and you will receive monthly statements detailing your income and expenses.

·      Assist you and your team with wage reporting as needed.

·      Monitor your account balance for continued benefit eligibility and complete annual redetermination paperwork.

·      Provide benefit counseling, advocacy and technical assistance.

·      Complete annual Representative Payee reporting to SSA as required regarding how your funds were used to meet your needs.



Vendor # PY0853 Service Code 034

Rate $27.24 per hour

Individualized Representative Payee, consultation and advocacy services funded on an hourly basis; 4 hours per month with a quarterly POS is recommended for most non-complex situations. Complex or disputed benefit scenarios may require additional hours of funding. MySSAPayee will work with the Planning team to determine the necessary funding.