Only hours left to help fund the Lanterman Act!

In just hours, our system could see a critically-needed infusion of funds! But it won't happen unless you make a few phone calls NOW!
We need you to call your representatives by 5pm Thursday, September 10th, and ask them to support SBX2-14 (Hernandez), with amendments to provide a true 10% increase.
If you make this call, we could see our first goal achieved - a 10% across-the-board increase for developmental services! Hundreds of programs have closed in recent years, and many more are at risk of closing if this bill does not pass.

What you need to do NOW

You have until 5pm, Thursday September 10th to make these calls!

  1. Find your legislators:
  2. Write down the district numbers, and use a zero with single digits. 5 is "05"
  3. Use those numbers to call their Capitol office!
    • For Senators, call 916-651-40##
    • For Assembly members, call 916-319-20##
  4. When someone answers the phone, say:
    • "My name is [FULL NAME], and I am a constituent of the member. Please ask them to support SBX2 14, by Senator Hernandez, with amendments to provide a true 10% increase to support people with developmental disabilities. Thank you!"
  5. Share this with everyone you know. Please forward this email!