Angie's Big Surf Day with Life Rolls On


With the recent big waves here in San Diego, we thought it would be fun to share one of our client’s amazing surfing stories. We’re so impressed with Angie and CIS staff member Summer who participated in the Life Rolls On event at La Jolla shores last summer. If you don’t know, Life Rolls On is an incredible national organization founded by quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer. Together with tons of volunteers and donations, they provide free surf and skate experiences to people with spinal cord problems.

On September 15th they swept onto La Jolla shores and on very short notice Angie, who has both Cerebral Palsy and a serious fear of water, declared that she wanted to participate. Missing this “once in a life time” opportunity was not an option and her team of staff and caretakers jumped into action and found a way to make her dream a reality. Not only did they keep her safe throughout her adventure, but she was able to catch three huge waves which left a permanent smile on Angie’s face all day!

Our philosophy since 1983 has always been for clients to pursue their own dreams and reach their highest potentials in whatever way they choose. We’re so proud to be a part of helping Angie reach hers! If you would like to be a part experiences like Angie’s, Community Interface Services is always looking for enthusiastic staff members who want to make a difference in people’s lives. Visit the “Jobs” area of the website to see what opportunities await.