Remembering John Tranberg

John Tranberg John Tranberg Board President of Community Interface ServicesA giant has fallen. Community Interface has lost one of its fiercest advocates and longest standing members.  For 25 years, John Tranberg stood at our side, selflessly giving and guiding the organization through most of its history.  Only two years after CIS’s inception, John permanently joined the Board of Directors in 1985, serving as Board President in recent years.

In the spirit of “Semper Fi,” John was Community Interfaces’ number one warrior and friend. This seemingly ironic contradiction between this sensitive, loving, free spirited family man and friend, and the fierce soldier whose Marine values were also so intrinsic to his very fiber, only served to enrich the lives of those around him. With a big, generous personality that could fill a room and an easy, natural charm, John immediately put people at ease and brought a sense of playfulness and fun to even the most mundane situations.

Community Interface parties will never be the same without John’s wit and good humor. In its early days, he was the first and only Master of Ceremonies at the agency’s Spotlight Talent shows – where he invariably detoured from the script and often had to be nudged from the stage with a hook. He attended organization picnics, and for the past eight years was the Master of Ceremonies of Community Interface’s annual Holiday party, where hundreds of its clients, staff, family, and friends gathered for a night of music, dancing, and good cheer.

John Tranberg was not just an attorney or a Board president.  He was, and always will be, our very dear friend and a permanent part of our family at Community Interface.  We miss you John!

John's offical obituary can be found at the North County Times