MySSAPayee - Announcing Our New Social Security Payee Program!


Community Interface Services is proud to announce the newest addition to our array of  Financial Management Services: MySSAPayee, a Social Security Administration (SSA) Representative Payee program.  

How it Works

Community Interface Services offers Social Security approved Representative Payee services to Regional Center clients at no cost to the client.

• Client benefits go directly to a secure bank account.

• Client participates in creating an individualized budget.

• My SSA Payee pays client bills and expenses from Social Security benefits according to the individualized budget.

• Any remaining money is automatically saved on behalf of the client.

• My SSA Payee also assists in completing and filing Social Security paperwork.


Learn More

If you (or someone you know) are a  Regional Center client that needs a Representative Payee…  

• Talk to your Service Coordinator about adding this service to your IPP

• Contact us directly:  • 1-877-238-2071

• Get more information on the website: